When the Cherry Blossoms Fell: What The Readers Say

When the Cherry Blossoms Fell is a historical fiction novel that is told from a very interesting point of view, Michiko’s, who happens to be in grade three. Her parents and family try to keep as much as possible from her, because they don’t want her to be scared. The characters are very realistic, and the main character (Michiko) was very likable. I really enjoyed reading this book, but I found it kind of uninformative about the situation that Michiko and her family were in. Yet, that did not stop me from wanting to read this book. It was a great book to read because of the love their family showed for each other. It didn’t matter what happened, their family stuck together. This is an awesome read for girls and boys ages 8-11. I give When the Cherry Blossoms Fell 4 stars. - Sarah’s Stars - Reviewed by Koryn, Age 12

I liked how you described the characters. The chapter book was really long but once we got started we couldn’t stop! The book was really amazing and easy to read – Yusra, Age 11
Your book When the Cherry Blossoms Fell is Fantastick. I love you you use descriptive language and how you make everything sound so real
Enara – Age 11

It was an awesome book and I learned a lot of Japanese vocabulary. My favourite part was when Michiko told George she was Japanese and when she introduced him to her Uncle Ted and all of a sudden George was confused and his head was spinning and je just ran out of the store. I hope that you will keep writing such incredible books. -Saad – Age 11
Your book was so amazing I got lost in the story. I love the book you wrote. You’re a really great author.
Jackshani – Age 11

I just loved it and had to ask if you were going to make a sequel?
Deena – Age 11

My class read your book and found it very interesting. It was so exciting I couldn’t wait to finish it. I didn’t want it to end. I hope there is a continuation of it. It there is, will you please share it with my class?
Maya – Age 11

My class loved your book, “When the Cherry Blossoms Fell”. I liked the character Ted because the government said that the Japanese people living in the country couldn’t have boats but he made one. I hope you write a sequel or addition to this amazing book. Something I didn’t like about the book is that it was a bit too short.
Panth – Age 11

I really liked your book “When the Cherry Blossoms Fell”. My favourite part was when Michiko had to leave the city and move to the country. I wonder when your next book is coming out. I really want to read it.
Aryan – Age 11

I read the book that you made called When the Cherry Blossoms Fell. My favourite part is when the boat was painted red and its name was Apple. The worse part was when Michiko was struggling at her new school with the others saying bad things about her. I can’t wait to read another book that you have made.
Gaurav – Age 11

What the adult readers say…

Thank you for writing When the Cherry Blossoms Fell. I truly enjoyed reading it. Although I am familiar with the events of our evacuation, I couldn’t put the book down until I finished the last page. It’s a story that ha to be told. I know my grand-daughter will enjoy it.
Pat Adachi – interned New Denver 1942

My daughters and I have read your book two times already (once on our own and once as a family snuggle up time. Julia, my eldest, finished the book before us. She said that it was amazingly descriptive and it was easy to imagine everything going on. It got more and more interesting and she couldn’t put it down. For me, it made me feel nostalgic about my elementary school years, especially the name changing part – it’s quite a devastating experience when you’re young and your name changes its like your identity has been taken away from you. Both my parents emigrated from Italy and I remember her telling me some of her school day stories. I related to the book on many levels. Congratulations on such a wonderful book.
Catherine Allegretti-Costa – Teacher – Derry West Village Public School

What the reviewers say...

Canadian Children’s Book News Review
In when the Cherry Blossoms fell, Jennifer Maruno tells an endearing story about the relocation experience of on Japanese-Canadian family and how a little girl finds the courage to fight the prejudice with which she is faced.  The Japanese vocabulary may be a slight distraction for less proficient readers as they flip back and forth to the glossary to gain meaning, but provided an opportunity to learn more about Japanese culture. All in all, an enjoyable read!
Sandra O’Brien is a former teacher with a M.Ed. in Children’s Literature

CM Magazine
Jennifer Maruno has written a book that captures the experience of nine-year-old girl sent with her family to a small town outside of Nelson BC. The book details the new life of the Minigawa Family who are living in an unheated, derelict house so unlike the lovely home they left in Vancouver. Readers see how Michiko’s mother, aunt and grandfather learn to live frugally but still maintain a warm and loving household. I recommend this book as a jumping off point for history or social studies classes studying WW2. There is a very useful glossary of Japanese words at the end of the book.
– Lizanne Eastwood – Community Literacy Coordinator with the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy

Word of Mouse Book Reviews   
I immediately understood Michiko’s nine-year-old perspective as told brilliantly by Maruno.  This is a unique telling of the tragic blight on Canada’s history, the treatment of Japanese-Canadians during World War II and the Japanese internment camps. What’s great about this is that the facts of the story are not overpowering allowing the reader to absorb the information without becoming overwhelmed and it does end on a positive note which also helps. When the Cherry Blossoms Fell is definitely a worthwhile read and I would highly recommend it
SM http://wordofmousebooks.wordpress.com