Kid Soldier

Kid Soldier 15 year old Richard Fuller wants a bike. He sets out with his young neighbour Tommy to enquire about picking fruit to earn a wage. Mr. Vogel offers him delivery work at the Queenston dock. Seeing a steamer for the first time, decides he wants to see the world.

Mr. Black, the baker that lives up the street, also hires Richard to help with deliveries. Military man, like Richard’s deceased father, he entertains him with army stories and teaches him Morse code. Mr. Black invites Richard to attend the opening ceremonies of the 1939 military camp in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

The monotony of Richard’s existence ends the day the Canadian Army demonstrates its efficiency and strength. Infatuated with army life, he takes part in training camp under an assumed name. When war looms on the horizon, Richard makes the most impulsive decision in his life. He enlists.

Richard travels to England with the newly formed 1st Canadian Division, witnesses the Battle of Britain, the death of a German pilot, an unwarranted animal massacre and gets caught in the London Blitzkrieg. When his true age is discovered, Richard faces court-martial.

Returning home, Richard learns Mr. Black is dead, his bakery in disrepair, and Mr. Vogel’s farm up for sale. No longer a boy, he uses his deferred pay and a loan from a bank to buy his farm.

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Cherry Blossom Baseball


Michiko Minigawa’s life is like a bad game of baseball. The Government of Canada swung the bat making her family leave home base in Vancouver to live in an abandoned silver mining town in the Kootenay Mountains.