Kid Soldier: What The Critics Say

An interesting and hilarious read. This historical fiction takes the reader back in time to World War ll in England. The author made me feel that I was right beside 15 year old Richard while he was training and waiting to go to war in the camps in France and England. I have read lots of books but this is one of the best ones, although I wish it was longer.
Two Thumbs Up from McNally Robinson

Maruno has filled the pages of Richard Fuller's life with the aroma of Home's fresh-baked bread and War's blood and mud. In a richly-textured story filled with the sights and sounds of the Second World War, we, like young Richard, see that becoming an adult is about much more than numbers.
Linda Granfield,
Author of High Flight: A Story of World War II

Maruno selects and highlights those incidents in her father's diary which will interest readers most. One is a food fight at the Scottish base. The men are frustrated by the poor living conditions and food. One day, everyone in the mess hall, including the sergeants, throw their plates of beans at the cook. Ordered into the parade square, they all admit to having thrown food. Since there is no facility large enough to lock all of them up, they receive only a scolding.

Another key incident, presented dramatically and suspensefully, occurs when Richard, out on his motor bike on a country road in England, finds a crashed German plane and a parachute hanging from a tree - but no body. His handling of the situation earns him praise from Major (later General) McNaughton. The most dramatic plot point has to do with the London Blitz in the summer of 1940. This is not a gory novel; the saddest death occurs back home in Canada.

Maruno excels at presenting scenes, rather than telling readers what to think. When Richard meets his aunts on his mother's side of the family in England, their behaviour shows readers why Richard's mother has been so depressed and negative. Clearly, without any financial or moral support from her girlhood home in England, she felt very alone in her struggle to survive in Canada with her young son. Later, readers observe, from Richard's homecoming scene, that his enlistment was the catalytic event that roused his mother from her lethargy. Readers like to intuit things without having everything spelled out, and Maruno allows readers to do that. Highly Recommended.
CM Magazine, Volume XIX Number 36 - May 17, 2013

Kid Soldier provides a glimpse into the life of young Canadian men just before the start of the second World War that is both informative and detailed.
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