Presentations and Workshops

Born in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Jennifer began her publishing career as Jennifer Travis in 1985 with Addison-Wesley Publishing of Canada as a member of the Explorations K-2 author team. Since then she published educational materials for Ontario Ministry of Education, TV Ontario, and the Peel District School Board. She has received awards from the Federation of Women Teachers Associations of Ontario, the National School Public Relations Association along with The Award of Excellence from the Canadian Association of Communications in Education. Jennifer retired from the position of elementary school principal to write full time. Her stories have appeared in children’s magazines in Great Britain, United States and Canada. Napoleon Publishing launched her first children’s novel, a historical fiction for 8-12 year olds, in 2009.

An experienced, entertaining speaker, her knowledge of children’s literature is well known. Her presentations show how a good book can be a springboard for so much other learning, even mathematics. She enjoys working with children and teachers to foster the love of reading, the craft of writing and an understanding of history.


One Session - $250.00
Two Sessions - $400.00
Three Sessions - $600.00
Four Sessions - $800.00

Presentation Description

Jennifer prefers to speak in the school library or classroom setting, as she knows the gym is not conducive to interacting with literature. She will tailor her presentations to the age of the group, their cultural diversity and developmental needs.

Workshop Descriptions

For children grades 1-6 on:

  • Deliciously Descriptive Passages
  • The Disappearing Art of Letter Writing

For grades 6-8, she is able to present

  • The Story Behind the Story –Japanese-Canadian Interment in WW2
  • The History Behind the Words – Sainte Marie Among the Hurons

For teachers

  • Using Literature to Foster Mathematics
  • Developing Reading Programs with Early Childhood Education and Primary Teachers

Also Available for Literary Festivals in Parks, on Streets, Gymnasiums and Public Libraries

Book Signing Events

Book Signing Events are free – You can bring a book you already own or buy one there!

If you want me for a book signing event at a school or literacy festival contact me at

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