Jennifer Maruno

My writing career has three distinct parts, DREAMER, DABBLER and DETERMINED AUTHOR. Just like the tortoise in Aesop’s fable, it wasn’t until I almost reached the finish line, that I realized how much I wanted to write.

The Go-Between

 The Go-Between

Twelve-year-old Sumi, a Japanese Canadian girl living in Vancouver 1927, takes her older sister’s place working at Gibson’s Landing so that Yoshi can go to summer school to become a dressmaker. Dealing with unfamiliar customs and the racism of the time makes Sumi wants to give up and go home, but as she becomes involved as a “go-between” in supporting striking workers at the local factory, she finds new courage and a will to become the journalist she knows she can someday be. Based on the true story of  Eiko Kitagawa Maruno, the author’s mother-in-law, this is a tale of bravery, adventure and valuable Canadian history.

Written by  Jennifer Maruno
Red Deer Press (April 15 2024)
ISBN 0889957312

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